Application deadlines

Through the application, the candidate expresses interest in continuing his university studies at the College "Business" in the study program chosen by him. Based on the public competition for the number of students that will be accepted and the criteria, the College decides on their admission.

The application is made by filling out the application form:
By applying directly to the College of Business;
Online by applying through the online application on the College website
Via the Internet by downloading the application form and sending it to the address of the College "Business";
Through the postal service by sending the application form to the address of the College "Business".

Application deadlines are announced according to the public announcement in the media or on the website of the College "Business" determining the admission conditions and the number of students that will be accepted according to accredited programs and the level of studies BA and MA.

Necessary documents for application are:
Application of the College "Business";
High school certificate and diploma;
Birth certificate;
Two index photos;