The Business College, established in 2004, is a private institution of higher education, so it is the Private Higher Education Instructor (BPrAL) in Kosovo. The establishment of the College "Business" is based on Regulation no. 2003/04 on the promulgation of the Law on Higher Education, approved by the Assembly of Kosovo, and in the Administrative Instruction on Licensing of Private Higher Education Bearers in Kosovo, no. 14/2003.
The “Business” College is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, with Decision no. 464/10.
After complete technical preparations, the recruitment of academic and administrative staff, according to legal norms, the College "Business" has started working in the academic year 2005/06.
So far, several generations of students have successfully studied at the College of Business. "College" Business conducts academic activity in the field of Economic, Legal, Emergency, Political Science and Security Studies at both levels, Bachelor and Master.
At the College of Business, the total number of students enrolled during these academic years is over 10,500 students.
"Business" College currently conducts its academic activity in the following study programs:

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In addition to the headquarters in Prishtina, “Biznesi” College also has units in Prizren, Gjakova and Vushtrri where studies are conducted in programs accredited at the Bachelor and Master level.