Management and economics (BA)

Objectives and expected results:
The program is designed as a multidisciplinary program. This program covers a wide range of areas in general administration, strategic planning, decision making, communication and business control, and management activities.

Desired (expected) learning outcomes.
Students will achieve:

clarity in the organizational environment and willingness to take managerial positions,
in-depth knowledge of contemporary approaches to business management,
understanding the relationships between people, organizations and business management in different organizational structures,
understanding the financial requirements for the business, including published financial information and the ability to assess the financial performance of companies,
understanding the importance of innovation, establishing entrepreneurial firms, small firms and other organizations as well as large business corporations,
broad understanding of social contexts in the labor market, and the opportunity to assess the development of personal and social needs.

The studies last three years. Students can choose their specialization, depending on their future professional and academic interest, the student is required to defend the diploma thesis.

The courses are designed in such a way as to form the foundation of managerial concepts and practical practical skills.

Responsible  Pristina
#1 Dr.Mustaf Kadriaj
#2 Dr. Vehbi Imeri
#3 Dr. Remzi Ahmeti