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Fire Protection Technician

Accredited by

National Qualifications Authority


Fire protection technician
Level III according to the National Qualifications Framework

The qualification contains 60 credits divided into four modules:
1. Use of adequate personal fire protection equipment and basic fire extinguishers;
2. Legal aspects and technical norms of protection of personal equipment from fire
3. Division of tasks according to work,
4. Basic firefighting equipment and personal fire protection equipment

Focused group:
Given the peculiarities of the profession "Fire Protection Technician", it is preferable that the candidates are over 18 years old, have good physical and mental abilities, and to:
- They have completed compulsory schooling;
- Have completed general or vocational secondary education.

Purpose of qualification:
The qualification "Fire Protection Technician", aims to develop in the trainees technical and tactical skills on fire protection and its extinction. Qualification pays special attention to the elaboration of technical and tactical procedures on planning, organization, norms, regulations, protection procedures and firefighting.

Expected results:
Upon completion of the training, the following will be able to:
- To work with all personal and common firefighting tools and equipment;
- Apply adequate techniques and adapt them to the conditions and circumstances presented in the field, adapting them to the most adequate equipment;
- To promote its internal potential for continuous research in the direction of new, more effective and efficient solutions and to consider necessary the continuous education and professional advancement for the work it does;
- To apply effective and necessary tactics in addition to the circumstances and conditions presented in the field, giving priority to the rescue of people and material goods as well as protection;
- To manifest courage and initiative in taking responsibility for rescue and protection in the management of various emergencies;
- To show self-control in the exercise of his actions in the processes of extinguishing the fire;
- Respect the principles of teamwork and actively cooperate with other teams in achieving the accepted objectives;
- Research yourself and the possible career paths to make appropriate choices of future professional activities.