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Scientific research

The College "Biznesi" has a system for encouraging professors in research and scientific work. Professors and contenders for professors realize research experiences through research and scientific work and various publications in scientific journals. The scientific research works of the academic staff and the research staff of the College "Business" are also published in the journal for scientific research "Business", as a body of the College "Biznesi".

The research and creative work of academic staff in the scientific field is an ongoing process with a growth rate in relation to contemporary scientific developments and European standards of higher education.

Within the College "Business" there is a special very important and inventive scientific segment that aims to exercise research dimensions in many scientific fields from the fields of study. Scientific research aims to undertake activities aimed at ensuring sustainable scientific development. The Institute for Scientific Research of the College "Business" was founded in 2006 and has its own work program.

Within the Institute for Scientific Research of the College "Business" operate the following research entities, such as:
a) Center for Public Administration Research (QHAP);
b) Center for Legal Research (QHJ);
c) Center for Economic Research (NHC);
d) Emergency Research Center (QHE)
e) Teacher Training Center (QTM).

The Institute for Scientific Research consistently supports the development of the learning process of students, who are oriented in the economic and legal direction, at both levels of study (bachelor and master), according to the integrated European system.

The Institute for Scientific Research also supports the research work of professors and students at the College of Business, through the publication of books, scientific journals, various publications, scientific conferences, seminars, symposia, roundtables, workshops, summer camps. studies for students, as well as organizes study visits to various institutions aimed at enriching knowledge in the field of economics and law.

The field of public administration and research includes the reform process of public administration in an efficient administration in the service of citizens and a transformation in a contemporary administration, in the performance of services for the benefit of citizens such as:
quality of administrative services, functioning of the administration,
its structural reorganization,
development of information technology;
The vision in this field is to research the models of functioning of public administration in relation to contemporary developments and international standards in this field.

The legal-scientific sphere includes research in the field of order and law functioning. Research of relevant forms of continuous reform of the legal-constitutional system, functioning of the judicial system, respect for human rights, research of documents from local and international conferences of conclusions drawn in order to develop reforming the legal system, which can leads towards the construction of a democratic legal order in line with developments in the European space.

The economic sphere of research includes the scientific study vision in the progressive development of the market economy, the transition from the transitional period of economic developments to the integrated European economy as well as the regional cooperation and forms of European integration.

The field of emergency research includes a wide range of research related to emergency sites, including preventive measures against emergencies, influencing factors, consequences, etc.