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Management and Finance (MA)

Objectives and expected results
This program covers a wide range from the field of administration in general, strategic planning, decision making, communication and business control and management activities, as well as finance.
The Management and Finance program offers extensive knowledge of financial, managerial, legal and economic notions and gives students better and greater opportunities to gain knowledge of current practices and problems in the overall activity of banks, in finance and in management.


Academic level and degrees
The Management and Finance study program offers a Master's (MA) Management and Finance title.
Program Objectives:
Provide a systematic understanding of management and finance issues,
Provide conceptual tools on the analysis and evaluation of various managerial and financial problems,
Provide a critical awareness of current research methods in the field of management and finance,
Provide opportunities for students to develop their own hypotheses regarding various aspects of management and finance,
Provide a stimulating environment through the provision of study materials.


 Desired (expected) learning outcomes
Master's (MA) level students will achieve:
clarity in the organizational environment and willingness to take managerial positions,
 in-depth knowledge of contemporary approaches to business management,
 understanding the relationships between people, organizations and business management in different organizational structures,
 understanding financial requirements for business, including published financial information and the ability to assess the financial performance of companies,
 understanding the central importance of innovation, establishing entrepreneurial businesses, small businesses and other organizations as well as large business corporations,broad understanding of social contexts in the labor market, and the opportunity to assess the development of personal and social needs.
Master studies last two years, respectively four semesters for those who have completed the three-year system (180 ECTS) of basic studies.
The courses are designed in such a way as to form the foundation of managerial and financial concepts and practical practical skills.
The whole program is structured in such a way as to allow students to develop their skills in:
a.describing the role of management and the impact of managerial actions on the development of the organization,
 b.development and activation of managerial skills,
 c.analysis of business scenarios, development of strategies and formation of decision-making cases on a burden of organizational positions.


Form of study, structure and duration:
College "Business" organizes modules in the form of lectures and exercises, according to the Regulations of studies and according to the plan and curriculum. The studies last 4 semesters or 2 years, the students are required to complete 120 ECTS credits, after the completion of the exams, the student is obliged to work on the diploma topic.
 Responsible @ Pristina
#1 Shyqeri Kabashi
#2 Ramadan Beqiri