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Banks and Finance in Business (BA)

• To meet the needs of all those who intend to continue their careers in the field of economics, specifically in the field of Banks and finance in business, whose primary motivation is to gain theoretical and practical skills - qualifying and specific in the field of science. economic, banking and business finance, which skills will be used in professional contexts.

• Provide a range of modules that include the knowledge base for access to professions related to Institutions and principles as well as basic procedures in the field of banking and business finance in the Republic of Kosovo.
• Provide specific, specific and sufficient knowledge regarding the basic actions, methods and tools in function of professional training in the field of economics, banking and business finance.
• Provide basic knowledge of key concepts and principles related to economics, banking and finance in business, both nationally and internationally.
• To provide opportunities for program development for the Master level (MA) in the field of economics, banking and finance in business given the market needs, the interest of students to continue studies at this level in the College "BUSINESS".
• Develop students' critical thinking in a practical, comparative, historical, social context and present students with a range of different theoretical and practical approaches related to economics, banking, and business finance.
• Provide students with the opportunity to acquire professional and scientific knowledge - to study abroad within the framework of student exchange programs.
• Provide a range of options that enable students to acquire special professional and scientific knowledge in several areas selected by economics, banking and business finance.
• To provide teaching that is related to research, to exercises - practical work on a larger scale and that requires students to engage in aspects of work within the framework of acquired knowledge.
• Enable students to manage their learning and engage in practical work, including those areas of economics, banking and business finance that students have not previously studied.
• Develop general theoretical, analytical, functional, comparative theoretical and practical theoretical and practical skills and problem-solving skills, which can be applied in the field of economics, banking and business finance.
• Provide opportunities for the development of personal skills, communication, practical work and other important and necessary skills for employment in the fields of economics, banking and business finance.

The program is offered on a regular basis (full-time) and by correspondence (bart-time) while students complete the program for three years. The studies of this program are divided into obligatory and optional subjects. Courses include credits which correspond to approximately 25-30 hours of learning time, theoretical and practical. Every year, 60 credits must be earned for about 1500 - 1800 theoretical and practical hours per year. For three years of study, students must earn a total of 180 credits. More detailed details on credit policy are included in the Normative Acts of BIZNESI College.
The first, second and third year of study is shared with compulsory and optional or elective courses in the narrow professional field. The practical aspect - the practical work of this program as well as the practical exercises will be of special importance in terms of professional training of students who attend this program.
Students must complete all courses according to the mandatory curriculum described below. Attendance at lectures (for full-time students) is mandatory and is a prerequisite for passing the course successfully. Each course must be completed by meeting the requirements set out in the syllabus.

At the end of the sixth semester, students who have completed all the exams must submit a thesis consisting of 15000-20000 words.
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Banking and Finance in Business

Responsible @ Prizren
#1 Shpetim Rezniqi
#2 Brikenda Vokshi
#3 Agim Kastrati