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  • Kolegji Biznesi

    Kolegji "Biznesi"
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  • Kolegji Biznesi

    Kolegji "Biznesi"
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BIZNESI College gives particular importance to libraries that have been established since the beginning of the College's work and its branches. Libraries have a functional connection with reading halls and each one has a convenient space for using the literature. Libraries are equipped with these bibliographic units: books in Albanian; books in foreign languages, scientific journals in Albanian; scientific journals in foreign languages; various scripts etc.

The bibliographic source rating is done according to the alphabetical catalog. In each library there is an employee engaged who provides support services for students.

Within the framework of cooperation with the institutions of higher education from abroad, BIZNESI College is dedicated to continuously equip with new bibliographic titles in order to provide the latest information from the European scientific field.


Bibliographic units in the library of  BIZNESI College:

Publishing Unit



Books in Albanian language



Books in English



Scientific journals in Albanian language



Scientific journals in foreign languages



Various Scripts



BIZNESI College has so far published many titles of university books (see university publications), the library of BIZNESI College is equipped with over 3,000 titles of books in the field of economics, information technology, law, emergencies and other fields.

Business College students can use the Electronic Catalog of the College Library by clicking on the link.
Electronic Catalog of the College “Biznesi” Library

College "Biznesi" has a cooperation agreement with the National Library of Kosovo, through which the students of the Business College can use bibliographic units according to the procedures of using the National Library, the link of the electronic catalog.
Electronic Catalog of the National Library of Kosovo

In addition to book titles, the library also has various scientific journals, reports and statistics in Albanian and English

BIZNESI College students, in addition to using printed bibliographic sources, also have the opportunity to use electronic resources from the international research databases (e-Library).